I was in SS3k.

Emmanuel Shatoke is a creative individual whose talents and dogged persistence to contribute to the growth of mankind has made him speak to youths, individuals and being a multi-discipline talented individual has drawn to him opportunities to serve in different capacities under different organizations as a Concept Developer, Strategist, Communication Expert, Public Speaker, Publicist, Video & Audio Director, Trainer, Event Producer, Talent/ A & R Manager, Writer, Fashion Designer, Image Grooming and Fashion Consultant.

Emmanuel Shatoke is a multi-talented young man with boundless passion for creativity in its entire ramification. With the understanding that at the root of unending growth or development is knowledge or information, he possesses an insatiable taste for knowledge. This has driven him to develop and keep developing himself in all areas of his natural endowments.

His impeccable and effervescent delivery which makes Him the clients choice and His impact on His generation has unfolds his relevance.