Julius Ademilua, SS3Q. known as KOKO by my clique. My cliques back then was tight, the group was small but all you could ever desire is all present. Time flies, day run but our genuine love still remain steadfast. Lander forever.

In known as “koko” back then by my cliq. Those cliq love to visit wasimi in the morning, and we usually make the final stop at Maryland bus stop to devour some Eba and Egusi soup. If you know, you know.

I love to read, make friends and stay close to my cliq. Today, I am not “koko” but a Soldier , an Accountant, a Procurement and Logistic Analyst.
My days in Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School was the roots of my being today. The chances I missed, the advances I was scared of making, the dance I missed on valedictory and the friends I thought were far and above me; all those moded me to the Julius I became today. Those experiences prepared me for the real world. The few years after leaving MCSS has shaped me into a better husband, father and a man with lots of spark for the present and a huge hope for the future.
MCSS my school, MCSS my root, MCSS my alma mater.