365 Days in Office

365 Days in Office

Firstly, we want to appreciate all members of the MCSS 99 Alumni for your support and believe in the present Executives to drive the Alumn to the altitude of greatness.

The journey of 365 days in office as Executives have been great, tasking, memorable, and awesome. Many a times we suspend our individual endeavours, needs, family to contribute our quota to the development of this wonderful Alumni.

We have been able to gear up in the following areas:

  1. The welfare of our Alumni
    This has been a major focus of this present Administration as we have been able to enhance the welfare of members whereby the testimony speaks volumes.
  2. Dues Collection and Utilisation.
    This is in 2 parts:
  • Dues Collection- Membership payment of monthly dues have increased from the previous years increasing the balance by over 100% in the last 1year.
  • Dues Utilisation- We have been able to utilise our dues through:

√ Giving our dues paying members adequate support during celebrations; Child Christening, Burial Ceremony, Weddings etc through the cash token we give them.

√ Early this year, we surprised all dues paying members with groceries in form of dividends for their faithfulness with the payment of their dues.

  1. Weekly Engagements
    We have been consistently consistent with our weekly Engagements such as:
  • Motivational Monday- We have able to learn, re- learn and upgrade our personality, business career and family every Monday for a year.
  • Market Tuesday- We have members the opportunity to keep advertising their goods and services and testimonies of patronage has been overflowing.
  • Selfie Friday- This is when we constantly introduce and re- introduce ourselves to each other for better networking.
  • Make We Yarn- It’s a periodic program whereby we bring an individual from the Alumni to educate, enlighten and also to sell themselves to prospective clients within the group.
  1. Personality Of The Week (POTW)-
    It has been an awesome moment when we reminisce the past and bring it into the present. It’s a time we share our past MCSS experiences that others know and do not know which has been electrifying when you read through. It’s amazing that when you read the past experiences of some colleagues you will burst into unending laughter.
  2. Website Optimisation- We have been able to upgrade the mcss99.com website with interesting features.
  3. The Love and Service was also spread to the correction centre for the boys at Oregun. While we promote various empowerment within the group, we also deem it right to extend the love to the society through the centre. We have no doubt that this will go a long way to improve the society if sustained.
  4. Need not forget the interesting interactions and engagenent we have all had on this platform among which is the online quiz involving the participation of over 60% of the members. Not only was this educating and socially interactive, we are proud to note how it has endeared us despite our diversity.

N.B: We urge new members who haven’t registered on the website to do so immediately

  1. End Of Get Together- Last year party was lit, as we have awards to the pioneer past executives for their selfless service towards the growth of the Alumni. This year 2021 End Of Get Together will also be memorable as plan is ongoing.

We are not resting on our oars yet as we formalise the processes to embark on a lucrative and sustainable business together. In the new quarter of the new year, we shall conclude plans to acquire our first Asset as a sustainable Alumni.

Lastly, we must express our profound joy and appreciation to all for the wonderful ideas, support and financial contributions to make the last one year a resounding success. We urge all members to keep doing their quota for the growth and development of MCSS 99 ALUMNI because we have enormous ground to cover in impacting ourselves, society, nation and the world at large positively.

From the Excos,we say a big thank you and God bless.

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