HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP PART 1 | Motivational Monday with Emmanuel Shatoke

Good Morning friends.

It’s another edition of “Motivational Monday” with Emmanuel Shatoke.

“Motivational Monday” ………Become the Best Version of You.

 In continuation of *”NEW BEGINNING SERIES”*.

Today, I will share with you “HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP PART 1”.

Relationship is the way in which two or more people or things are connected.

Relationship is the state of being connected.

Relationship can be as a result of association.

Relationship can be in diverse areas, it can be with two partners, it can be amongst friends or employees, it can be in a family amongst siblings, it can be amongst nations and the list goes on.



An honest person is an individual with high level of integrity.

Are you the kind of individual when you say it’s morning, people around you will still go outside to confirm the truth about your words

Honesty overrules Lies, it is speaking the TRUTH regardless of the circumstances.

Honesty pave ways to posterity.


I will list few Attitudes/ Behaviours that will strengthen relationship:

* Respect

Respect I earned not bought.

As the saying goes: respect is reciprocal.

For any individual to go far in life, that person must respect others irrespective of who they are.

* Kindness

A kind hearted person will always be kind and generous irrespective of what people say or the circumstances.

Kindness comes from a good heart. It is not everyone that has a good heart towards you.

Let me say this, you cannot be cherished by all. Once you identify those who detest you without a reason, you must rewind or fast forward yourself away from them.


What is the purpose of your relationship? Are you in that relationship for your personal gains? Are you in that relationship to help others?

I will advise, do not begin a relationship with the motive of putting yourself ahead at all times.


Let me begin by saying ” Value begat Value”. It is the amount of value you place on others that will be measured back to you.

For instance, An individual who values his or her health will miss manage it.

Value is seen in your priority to maintain a healthy relationship.

We will continue with the Healthy Relationship Part 2 next week.

I look forward to your feedback.

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