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Name  in MCSS:
Kemi Badmus

Kent, United Kingdom

Born in Lagos,  a family of 5.  I attended Yewande Memorial  Primary  School. Continued my secondary education  in Maryland Comprehensive School and finally attended Olabisi Onabanjo University  where I studied English Language. I relocated to the United Kindgom where I got my MA in Social Work. I am married with 2 children.
I will describe myself as reserved but vocal when required.   I am Christian and lover of Christ. I like when people and things are straightforward.

Experience about coming into MCSS
I remember getting into MCSS at the end of Primary 5, I did go through Primary 6. This was quite challenging as I had to leave my friends in Primary school , meaning I didn’t get to do end of Yr gathering (prom) with them. My first day in MCSS was shocking as I was placed in JSS1f which was one of the mud classes with Rod like windows like a typical prison!  Infact, some did call it prison. I remember it been so hot , noisy and crowded. Looking back, I think been placed in those mud classes segregated some of us from others who were in other classes ( intro tech lab). This was definitely different from lovely primary school.   I continue to question now as an adult the reason we were made to carry our own chairs and desks? Why? Lol! I guess this contributed to my resilience as an adult. Lunch time was also chaotic, I remember buying puff or buns ? Anyways, I got used to the food sold in the school canteen. Funny enough, I  can’t remember tge friends I made on the first day, perhaps none. But , moving on, I made friends  Kemi, Onime amongst others.
Going home on my first day was bliss! God bless my father’s soul, he made those journeys to pick me up for months till I was able to travel home on public transport independently.

Experience in MCSS
Hmm, my experience in MCSS, reflecting back, I felt I could have been bolder and explored more. I feel I was more like invisible which funny enough, I wasn’t in the University. Been the Assistant Head Girl did not help the matter either.
Overall, I think I enjoyed my time there. I loved English, Literature and Biology classes.  I loved the teachers who taught, I can’t remeber the female teacher’name. However, I remember Mr Ademilokun. He was the funniest teacher ever. I looked forward to his classes but I should note I was one of the students that never got on his bad side. My worst lesson was Maths, I believe it was the teacher,  can’t remember his name but he was know parade the school with his cane.  Another experience I must add was the corridor gatherings in the prototype building.  That was quite popular as it was notorious for ‘toastings’, show offs and students catching glimpse  of their crushes. Unfortunately,  I wouldn’t say I had memorable incidents on the corridor.  However, my uni days made up for that lol.
I attended after school lesson at Mr Ademilokun’s lesson Centre. It was also my highlight of the day. I enjoyed buying the moi moi and bread on the way to lesson.   I must add it was also an avenue to catch up with ‘extra curricular ‘ with other students. Please let’s bear in my I was (not) one of the gentle well behaved students  lol. We had students gist which kept us entertained in lesson. I won’t mention names but you all kept us boring ones  entertained!

Pals in MCSS
I had clicks in Jss which included of Hannah Badero and Bose in Jss3,  Kemi Abraham  in Jss1 -2 ( myself and Kemi were like twins lol). Moving on to SSS, I had another click as others went for sciences and I went for Commercial. My SSS click included of  Lola Egunjobi, Rachel Akpan, and Kemi Odele. We were the quiet ones but my goodness we knew who was who, the ‘toastings’ going on etc. Other ‘third wheel friends’ were Dipo and  Raymond.

Memorable day in MCSS
One of my memorable days in MCSS was the day I walked from Maryland to Ojuelegba during the MKO saga. Trust me, I still use this experience when I whine to my children on how fortunate they are.

What you don’t know about me
Ermm, what you don’t know about me is that I am quite funny and argumentative. However, I pick my arguments wisely.  I volunteer to teach and explore with children Biblical stories.
If you are all waiting for a secret from MCSS, you will wait 100 years lol !

Currently, I practise as a Consultant Social Worker with one of the London boroughs.

Interets and Hobbies
My interest and hobbies are  travelling and watching movies. These hobbies also serve as treats for me  due to work pressure.

My Personal Hero
My personal hero is Christ, I believe as  humans we are imperfect.

Where do I see my  in the next 5 years
In the next 5 years,  I will like to see myself progress in my career, travel more, especially a crusie ship.

‘If’ I could change the world,  I will want inequality and discrimination wiped off the earth.

My expectation for the group
As a member of a number of watsapp groups, my expectation of the group will be networking.

Advice to Lander 99 family
My advice to  Lander 99 family is to live simply, love truly and ensure you leave an impact in the world.

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