PoTW – Chukwuka Agnes Chidinma

Name/nick name
Chukwuka Agnes Chidinma (Nee Eke)/Stainless, iron lady, akpu reaction & poborsky (by Ganje)

Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria

Brief background, origin
I was born on the 5th of September 1981 into a family of 6 children, 3boys and 3girls. I am the third child but the second girl. I’ve always been the boy/girl and the sacrificial lamb in the family and my mum would always wished she had 2 of me in the family. My parents are both from Ikeduru LGA in Imo state where I was born but raised in Lagos, Ojota to be precised. I attended St Agnes primary school then my secondary school at MCSS. I’m married with 2 children, a boy and a girl.

How would you describe yourself
I am a very strong woman, industrious, kind, friendly and always happy. But,,, I bite so hard like a dog if you try to play a fast one on me.

Experience about coming to MCSS
First of all I will say it’s the uniform, I felt it was unique compared to other uniforms from other schools. My coming to mcss was quite fulfilling for me because while I was in primary school, I noticed that the various primary schools within the vicinity takes turn in getting admitted into either of the secondary school, so at the end of each session I kept calculating to know which of the schools my set will be posted to, though I had siblings and cousins in the same primary school that were being posted to Immaculate and Ajao Estate and finally my set was posted to mcss my dream school. I alone in the family came to mcss and I was happy because I felt so special.

You in mcss: mcss experience
I will start with the fried fish head and fried yam that got me in serious trouble, it was my brother’s tfare I used in buying the fried fish head, immediately I finished eating eat my brother landed and asked for his tfare, then I pleaded with him after telling him what happened and he threatened to tell my dad, as soon as we got home after trekking through the pako bridge (Odo Iyalaro) I went to hide inside my dad’s wardrobe out of fear and almost got suffocated, I was there hearing everyone calling out my name so I thought he has told him and I remain there and kept calm for almost 1hr till when my dad opened it to take what I don’t know, thank God I didn’t die. Hmm that fish na real temptation.
I can’t forget the three hot slaps I gave Carlo Magi and he turned red immediately even the people upstairs heard the sound, then the next day we both realized that the whole trouble was caused by Lanre Oloyede, that was in Jss3.
Then the sent forth party at Tope Ogunleye’s house with Sandra, Ogechi, Marian, Evbe, Jemina, Dupe, Raji and Dotun. It was really fun.
Most of my activity in school back then was just playing of football, I enjoy every moment I played most especially the principal’s cup with other schools. This made me put on short to school everyday, always at alert and this makes me feel like a boy always.
I also remembered my encounter with that student teacher that was posted to our school John Arih Emeka. He was always doing fine boy and some of our female student were having crush on him. There was this faithful day he came to teach us maths, that was in ss1, so I was having stomach ache and laid my head on the desk but paying attention at the same time, so he called me and asked me a question pertaining to what he was teaching and I answered correctly, then I sat and laid my head again and that was when Kunle Adisa entered the class, so he called me again then asked that I should stand and I explained to him that I was having stomach ache but he didn’t want to listen and I refused to stand then he asked me to leave the class, as I was about leaving kunle called me back with an authoritative voice and asked me to enter and seat, then he turned to the teacher and asked him to continue his teaching or leave the class, so Mr John left the class and promised never to teach our class again and some of us told him that Engr Taiwo was a better teacher.
Hmm,,, you see that Mr Ademilokun, he should go and thank his God that my dad did not see the injury he inflicted on me with his cane, he would have received double, anyway he left our class with shame after beating me very hard on the neck even blood came out but I didn’t move or shake a bit while he was beating me
and he continued till he got tired.
I also remembered playing with doll with Jemina and also following Bridget Obazele home at Ketu to see her Indian mum. Also, the party at Carlo’s house.

Pals in mcss, Jss and sss
Sandra Nwuzi, Jemina Dan-Patrick, Efe Igbodudu, Funke Mate, Tope Ogunleye, Bridget Obanzele, Adesola Kuyoro, Evbe Osaghae, Amaka Nwokeji, Nonyenim, Sunkanmi Olatunji, Tunde Ajobo, Ndubuisi Kingsley, Sophia, Peace Ada, Busayo etc please pardon me if I didn’t mention your name.

Memorable moments in mcss
A day I can never forget, the conservation club competition at either Lekki or VI can’t remember. I was to rap with Jemina on stage about the animal pangolin, so I told my mum about the competition and she said I won’t be going so that I could stay back and help her with her business but I refused and told her I was participating, after much pleading from her, I had to agree to stay back and help her. So I got to school the next day and the teacher in charge called us out for rehearsal before leaving and I came out, rehearse and even went with them, immediately our school was called upon for our display, I quickly remembered my mom and the promise I made to her and so I sneaked out and ran home, as I got to Obalende, then rain started to fall and I got home late, I didn’t go on with the competition and neither did I make it with helping my mom and I blamed myself for achieving nothing that day and my mom was unhappy about it. So the next day when I got to school, I learnt that Bukola Adepoju replaced me, then our school won and each participant were giving a Coca Cola bag which some of them even brought to school the next day to show off, when I saw the bag, I cried inside of me and felt like collecting it back.
Another memorable moment was when I introduced Funny house to the school during the inter house sport, it was adopted, myself and Busayo led the group and many showed interest to join and the second time we had it, I and senior Opeyemi led the group, I hope I’m correct with the name.

What we don’t know about you

  1. I take my clothes off before having my bath 🤨
  2. I kissed a guy in ss3
  3. A teacher had a crush on me and didn’t hide it
  4. Mr Fash our VP was my uncle’s commerce teacher way back

What do you do
I do catering job and services along side my combo business. Other side hustles are not left behind.
Interest and hobbies
Cooking, playing ball, traveling and visiting new places

who is your personal hero/most important person in your life
My Mum and Hubby

Where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs
Establishing greatly in my business world and having a positive impact in people.

If you could change the world, what would you change
I will remove the heart of wickedness and replace with love and kindness.

Expectation from Alumni Group and advice to lander 99 family
I expect this great Alumni group to sit back, pay attention to the purpose of this group and where we are meant to be if the right thing is done.
And my advice to us is to keep respecting, helping and showing love to each other.

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