PoTW – Ayoola Bamidele Née Oyesanya

Name :- Ayoola Bamidele Née Oyesanya. Plus Nickname while in school:* N/A.

Location:* Magodo Phase 2, Lagos.

Brief Background; Origin; Tell us a bit about yourself, how do you describe yourself;
My parents are from Ijebu ode in Ogun state and that makes me a full breed of Ijebu ode, Ogun state. I was born in Ketu on 15th May, 1st born in a family of 6. My late dad was an engineer, a caring, strong-willed & disciplinarian, who tried to shape my character and taught me to be a very early reader. He was one of the most spiritual people I knew, and raised us in the Islamic way. Whilst my mum a strict teacher who’s ready to instill and impact good and moral values in us. I was fortunate enough to be raised by both parents, their human nature and positive attitude towards life has not only rubbed off on me, but has also deeply influenced the choices I made in life. This values has helped and shapened me in all areas of my life till date. I could be a shy person yet gregarious and confident. A God fearing mother and supportive wife.

Experience about coming to MCSS: I attended Maryland convent Private School in my elementary days and wrote the common entrance in pry 5 through the help of my aunt who was a teacher at Ijebutedo pry school palmgroove. I was posted to Shepherd hill girls high school Obanikoro. I wasn’t comfortable with the school ambience and environment so my mum as a teacher in Lagos State tried her best to influence my entrance into MCSS as available option after exhausted all means of any of Government college, Command secondary school and Mayflower.
My first day at MCSS was quite interesting, and over excited with the friendly ambience where I was able to adapt quickly & mingled with the other students despite the late registration.

You in MCSS: I was a conservative person who had a lot of memorable moments and experiences. I remember our classrooms in JSS1 that looked like heated confined space. It was always hot and uncomfortable. I remembered when the table fell on my toe and I had to visit the health center where Bose Oloye’s mum worked, she was about to give me injection and I raised my injured toe thinking dat was the right thing, I was laughed at. I hadn’t witnessed injection at that age. I was reserved so didn’t experience the commandant saga. I also remember in Jss3 when we had option between Introtech and Home Economics. I was among the few girls who opted for introtech and I found my self in a class of 5girls( Dupe Fashola, Efe igbodudu, Ubong orung, Evgbe Osage and myself)others where boys. I also remember Akano had to help me with my fineart project when he learnt I hadn’t done mine. A bitter experience was when I had to experience Mr Egbeyale’s beating, that was the first and the last. He got angry because my Yoruba class note was written with my mum’s lesson note contents. I also remember attending Mr Onabanjo’s lesson at Jesus oyingbo and Mr Ademilokun’s lesson (Prudent tutors) where the tiny insects (tin-tin) dealt with us due to the swampy area. Spraying of Kerosene and rolling up of socks didn’t suffice. I also didn’t carry last in buying of bread and Moimoi, fried yam and stew, sweet potato and dried pepper (odunku) after school hours. I also remember going with Bukky Sebiotimo, Diane and co to always eat at Iya Adewunmi’s place in the mornings before assembly.

Memorable moment in MCSS:* I had several memorable moments while at MCSS Interesting memories I can’t forget was the interhouse sport competition held in SS 2. I participated in the March past with Bukky(Harlem),Seyi. I was in pink house. I couldn’t remember the position we had but we did pretty well. The further mathematics class in SS2-3 was like a Greek and barely understood what the jargons as the Corper that taught us, made it appeared one. I enjoyed everybit of titration in chemistry ( quantitative analysis) and qualitative analysis. Also the biology class with Mr Ademilokun was practical and fun especially his demonstration of myself and Keating to explain certain concepts. This strengthening our friendship back then.

Pal in MCSS ; JSS and SSS; Taiwo and Kehinde Salisu, Bukky Sebiotimo, Bukky Adepoju, Tola ogunnaike, Bose Oloye, Hannah Badejo, Funke Mate, Sholape Abolaji, Folake Adigun, Desola Kuyoro, Tolulope Ilusanmi, Ibukun (girl), Foluso Amusa, Gboyega Oyekan. Efe Igbodudu, Funke Mate, Keating Mosope, Motunrayo Ajayi,Tayo Odubule.

Crush : Akano Temitope and Mosope Keating

What we don’t know about you:
I am God fearing, mentally resilient and peace loving. I had to rewrite my WAEC in 2000 at Immaculate Heart Comprehensive Secondary School.

What do you do:
I bagged a degree in Microbiology at Olabisi Onabanjo University but the nature of my job made me diversify. Have a Masters in Business Administration (Finance) and an associate Member of CITN. ICAN in view. professionally: I work with Lagos state Internal Revenue Service as a chartered tax practitioner.

Interest and Hobbies:
I love cooking, partying and hanging out with friends and family, love watching movies.

Who is your personal Hero/Who is Most important person in your life:
My immediate family. (Hubby & Kids).

Where do you see yourself in the next 5years: Successful Business Woman.

If you could change the world, what would you change; Racism and Discrimination.

Expectation from the alumni group and advice to the alumni group and advice to lander 99 family; Support one another, Patronize each other’s business, build the trust and bond, high level integrity and be your brothers’ keeper.
The Excos should improve on the welfare of the members. Charity begins at home. Let us work on checking on one another. Ire oooo

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