PoTW – Yemisi Agbejimi (NEE Ogundele)

NAME/NICKNAME: Yemisi Agbejimi (NEE Ogundele)/ Carlos.

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria.

BRIEF BACKGROUND: I was born on the 14th of March 1980 into the family of Chief and Dcns Ogundele. I am the 7th of 8 children. My parents are both from Ipele, Owo LGA in Ondo State where I was born. My parent went for a function in my village and I couldn’t resist the aroma of my native soup being prepared, so I had to come out right there just to have a taste, little did I know that I will not be able to eat of it because I was not old enough😛😜🥴. Raised in Ikeja Military Cantonment, I did my primary school at Ikeja Cantonment Primary School then came to MCSS from where I went to Adekunle Ajasin University and bagged a BSc in Pure and Applied Psychology, 2005. I am a certified life Coach from OLCA and I’m an Associate of the CIPM. In few weeks, I will commence a Master’s program at LAUTECH by God’s grace. I am the
HR/Admin Manager of a startup edtech company in Lagos and also running some other side business. I am married and God has blessed us with 2 Kings. I will describe myself as a kind and easy-going person, with a pursuit of making a positive impact in my little way anywhere I find myself.

EXPERIENCE ABOUT COMING TO MCSS: There are only about 3 people in the whole of the barracks back then attending MCSS and my cousin Nike Gbadamosi (Mummy Showkey) was one of them so my mum liked their uniform and so she promised to make sure I join her and that’s how I landed in MCSS. Although my dad wanted Command Day Secondary School in the cantonment and I was made to write the common entrance. I passed but my mum won the fight.

MCSS EXPERIENCE: I started MCSS with 91/92 set, I used to be a champion in my primary school, and getting to MCSS the story changed when I came 13th in JSS1 first term exam. Omo!!, fear challenge me for real and I knew I had to sit up. I found myself in JSS1 Z
where I formed my first set of friends Kafilat Owolabi, Titilayo Adenuga, Adeola Adesokan, Abimbola Onimola, Babatunde Kaka, Julius Dafe Osafor, Tunji Adekugbe, etc. in SS I was in commercial class and I repeated in SS1, that was the toughest times of my life. I was stuck on my old pals and mostly spend time in their class and probably the reason a couple of us here may not be familiar with my face. So I added more friends from my class SS3Q commercial class Folasade Thomas (my namesake and birthday mate), Toyin Ojedokun, Toyin Adewumi, Funmilayo Idowu-Deifa, Mariam Aderibigbe, Bankole Akinwumi (we also attended same uni), Julius Ademilua, etc I surely have missed some names, pls forgive me. My escapades aren’t so much. I was a member and past president of the Interact Club so I usually go to different schools for their fellowships and inductions. I was actively involved in sports too so I made the school’s relay and female football team (where I got the nickname), this also took to different schools interhouse sports and State football tournaments.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN MCSS: When my name was announced as one of the prefects, I couldn’t believe that I of all people could be a prefect alongside the likes of Raji Adewale the efickos of our time. Amongst many others I will mention the memorable moment at the party held at the Oloyede’s Mende residence, more like an open-roof party, it was organised by the 98 set. A whole lot went down at that party but I will not go beyond that.. A couple of terrible escapades with Nike and Thelma remains unforgettable. I have
quite some embarrassing moments that I have managed to bury in my subconscious mind, however, a few of them won’t stay buried. Let me just share this one I wish I still remember the lady involved so I could apologize properly. I can’t remember the teacher nor subject, but we were asked to buy a textbook and my parent couldn’t afford it at that time. This particular teacher won’t allow us in class if we don’t have that textbook, so this day, I took another person’s textbook whose names were close to mine. I stupidly tried to erase her name by writing mine on top of hers’ but It didn’t work so I was found out. My dear, if you are here and reading this, please forgive me for putting you through all that shit back then, it was from a place of fear, ignorance and lack. I wish I could undo that. I can’t forget when Toyin Ojedokun rescued me during an impromptu economics test I wasn’t prepared for in ss2. Someone rushed to inform me while hanging out with my SS3 friends. I dashed into the class and Toyin allowed me to copy and paste from her answer sheet😛😜🥴.

WHAT YOU DON’T ABOUT ME: Nothing important because I am an open book🤲🏼🤲🏼.

INTEREST AND HOBBY: fashion, creative design and working out.

Jesus Christ and my Mum are my Hero and Heroin and the most important person in my life is my Husband.

In the next 5 years, I see myself successfully running my vocational training schools, helping people develop their skills and be who God wired them to be.

If given the opportunity, I will clean the world of diseases and illnesses.

My expectation from the Alumni is to keep up the spirit of goodwill and kindness and my advice to landers 99 family would be to respect one another, love each other and stop talking for a moment when angry at a situation or friend and the only words you have left to utter is an insult.

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