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Today, I will discuss on  “CAREER DEVELOPMENT PART 2”.

Let’s conclude the Part 2 of Career Development which we started last week.


We need to really understand what a career is, not to mix it up with a Job.

A career is not the same as a job. A career is what you have always been created to do or what you are created to do.

Most times it is not discovered immediately, it may take years before you could discover it.

A career has a link with your passion; it is an opportunity to influence others positively.

A career will give you residual income for life. A career breaks limits of your income flow.

Your passion will help your career to give you fulfillment on the long run.

Career Development consists of personnel improvement undertaken by the individual through the training, education and development programme acquired pet time.

The below will help you get to the zenith of fulfillment in no time:

1. Performance Career progression largely depends on the performance; the better the performance, the higher the chances of progressing or going up the corporate ladder.

2. Opportunity Switch

When an individual sees career opportunities elsewhere which are not available in the existing organisation he or she works, a switch may be the only alternative. When used sparingly, it results in promotion, salary increase and a new learning experience.

3. Have A Mentor Mentors can aid career development by sharing their knowledge and insights and wisdom to help you grow.

4. Growth Opportunities

Individuals can expand their abilities by enrolling for training programmes, acquiring an additional degree, seeking new work assignments. When an opportunity arises in the organisation or elsewhere only individuals with the required skills would be placed in that position.

The destination of Career Development is fulfillment on all ramifications.

Are you pleased with yourself in your chosen career?

Do you want to change your career?

Why do you want to do differently to improve your career?

The answers to the above questions will give you ultimate career fulfillment.

You cannot afford to fail yourself in becoming the best version of you. Build your future now.

I look forward to your feedback.

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