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Good Morning friends.

It’s another edition of “Motivational Monday” with Emmanuel Shatoke.

“Motivational Monday” ………Become the Best Version of You.


Today, I will continue with the phase 3 of “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PART 3”*

In continuation of the Number two (2) point, i will proceed to point number three (3).


To be on top of your game is to be on the highest point of something; your business, career, with your profession, job,  academics etc.

To be on top of your game, you must build and engage in self- development.

To be on top of your game you must build a strong relationship with people or clients.

To be on top of your game you need to invest in quality and good values. Can you values earn you referral or recommendation?

You need to involve yourself in practice. Examples of people got to the highest peak of their career:

√ Michael Jordan engages himself in practice putting extraordinary effort and was committed to the game of basketball and he became the best basketballer that ever lived. When you think of the sport of basketball, the name that comes to mind is Michael Jordan.

Another example of such individual is Lionel Messi, he engages himself in continuous practice even if he is not fit to play you still see the urge in him to be on the pitch. When you mention the game of football in this contemporary age, the name that comes to mind is Lionel Messi.

You must nurture and develop yourself to stand TALL.

Let me give you the  acronym for the word TALL:

T- TALENTS (Develop and nurture your talents).

A- ABILITIES (Develop and nurture your abilities).

L- LEARNING (Continuous learning will help your development per time).

L- LEADERSHIP SKILLS (To stand tall is to emerge as a leader that is ready to impact his or her environment and add value to lives)

Personal development cannot be neglected on your way to the top. It will give you stability when you get to the top.

I look forward to your feedback.

Emmanuel Shatoke

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