MCSS 99 CSR Outreach 2021

The MCSS 99 Set Alumni visited the Lagos State Correctional Centre, Oregun for Boys on 14th June 2021 as part of its annual activities to give back to the Society.

Members of the 1999 set graced the occasion with donations of food and toiletries items for the boys.

Among which are bags of Rice, Semo, Garri and Beans, Tubers of Yam, Cartoon of Beverage and Milk, Cartoons of Noodles, Kegs of Vegetable Oil and Palm Oil, Toilet rolls, Detergent etc.

We were received by the Principal Officers of the centre who took us round the facilities explaining their activities and challenges.
The Centre houses 108 boys who typically spend nine (9) months at the Center, undergoing behavioral reform. During the process, they acquire both basic primary education and vocational skills to help them fit better in the Society.

We had good interaction with the boys using the opportunity to share real life experience and advices to help them cope better when they return to the Society.

Motivational talks and brief interactive quiz to share special prizes to 15 boys were held. Additional 15 gifts items were handed over the principals to distribute to other well behaved boys.
Like every typical government establishment, the Centre is faced with funding challenges and they are relying on Religious bodies , NGOs, Private individuals and Corporate bodies for funding and support to manage their operations and activities.

We all have a part to play in curbing the menace of Juvenile delinquency in our Society and must remember the quote from the Sage, Obafemi Awolowo-  

“The Children of poor you failed to train, will never let your Children live in peace…”
We pray that we know peace and our coming generations live in a peaceful society.

Obafemi Awolowo

To everyone who contributed to the success of the visit in diverse ways we pray that God will increase your greatness and bless you abundantly.

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