PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PART 1 | Motivational Monday with Emmanuel Shatoke

Good Morning friends.

It’s another edition of “Motivational Monday” with Emmanuel Shatoke.

“Motivational Monday” …Become the Best Version of You.

Last week, I concluded on the *Dream Series*.

Today, I will begin a new series which is “THE DEVELOPMENT SERIES”.

I will Share with “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PART 1”  as I begin this very important to the existence of mankind.

The purpose of Man is to continually grow and improve in all ramifications.

 What is Development?

Development constitute a new stage in a changing situation.

“The Development of any individual started yesterday, not today”

 *What is Personal Development?*

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is self growth that began yesterday, seen today and transcend into the future.

Here are few ways that will help your personal development a great deal:


Commitment is a promise to do something or to support a cause or someone.

Commitment is a promise to behave in a particular way when you are not monitored or not compelled to do something.

Commitment is sacrificing oneself to what you are doing.

Commitment is a symbol of total involvement in what you do.

Commitment will strengthen your zeal to succeed in what you are doing. Until you become a committed thinker you don’t become a commander.

Commitment will help an individual to build a credible trust that will help him or her to become attraction.

The Question is how will people trust you, if you are not committed to building a good relationship with others?

Commitment will help a man to increase his confidence in whatever he does.

How will people trust you, if they don’t have confidence in you? You must work on trust level, which will help people to commit resources, finance etc to you.

E.g The Late Mohammed Ali was a boxer who committed himself to every fight and it boosted his confidence in every fight challenge.

Today, when we think of the sport of boxing the name that comes to mind is the great Late Mohammed Ali.

He was committed to his career which made him develop himself overtime which earned him complete trust by his promoters and others overtime.

Next week I will continue with PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT in our Development Series that will help us further to becoming the best version of yourself.

I look forward to your feedback.

Emmanuel Shatoke

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