PoTW: Temitope Akano

Name Plus Nickname while in school: My name is Temitope Akano, most people call me AKANO.

Location: Lasgidi and anywhere moni dey.

Brief Background; Origin; Tell us a bit about yourself, how do you describe yourself;
I am a full breed Ibadan guy, both parents are from AGBOOWO, Ibadan, Oyo State. I was born in Ketu on 19 March, 4th born in a family of 10. My Dad is a sharp shooter had two wives (officially), don’t worry about the unofficial ones. Family is large, very popular, strict, highly disciplined and blessed with fantastic football skills. I am a positive thinker, people person, family man, and caring to a fault.

Experience about coming to MCSS: My experience in MCSS was memorable and unforgettable filled with good and bad moments. After graduating from Maryland convent with the impossibility of entering Kings College, the only available option was MCSS which was the family school, I had 4 family members that graduated from MCSS and 3 from Immaculate.
First day of school was fun, overexcited and with a big grin on my face. We had the first football competition with our mates from public primary school. In their mind all these convent boys be buttie but we shocked them with our dazzling skills. Blending was easy for me because I am a people person with high adaptability to both normal and abnormal situations. Never got tired of playing football at any time of the day. The JSS block was without a ceiling and the rockwool used for lagging was like werepe always itching the body. The secret exit at the fence was unique to those that know.
Joined the Pepsi Football Academy in JSS with Pappy, Gomez and Minero. Life was all about soccer.

You in MCSS: MCSS Experience; MCSS taught me a lot of things that assisted me in later life even though it almost destroyed the good intentions in my life. It gave me a very good educational foundation which translated to confidence in my university life. I was able to comfortably mix education with sport and other extra-curricular activities like sneaking out of school to play games at Mende, Anthony and Onigbongbo. Spending stolen money from our parents at waterparks, pharmacy in Mende and at Arcade. Oro po ninu iwe kobo won’t say more than this. I remember the punishment from the commandant that gave me several bruises on my knee and elbow.. I was a supplier of Ewa Agoyin while Adisa brings the SABO bread to complete the combo we eat every morning in the class.
I took part in major football tournaments both inside and outside school. The Junior and Senior Principal cups were the highlights. I remember were chased by the students from Anthony Village Grams from Anthony to Maryland. Even the police station was locked when the saga started. We tried to defend ourselves but some got injured in the process.
Being a good bad boy, I had some other funny experiences with a new female teacher who busted my football, I insulted her and I became a wanted student. All thanks to Tymer and Adisa that locked me in the locker and I was not found (odaran lawon oremi). Some seniors picked me up on the assembly, I gave the teacher a fake name and Egbeyale busted my identity. They flogged me in the staffroom, and I didn’t see my shadow for 3days. Apologies to the people that I stole their shoes on the field, mine went missing several times and had to wear a sandal home and needed some spares. Emabinu. The bread and Moimoi after school at Mende was constant and some guys derive pleasure stealing fried fish everyday, I wont mention names. Just ask for forgiveness.
Mad fun with the rubber band games, playing tennis on the slab and I was a pro in the football tennis game called Paralow. Eba Rufus was regular for me, First swimming lessons under the Iya Alaro bridge, Walking from Maryland to the house after using Tfare to eat Boli and Epa was normal. I remembered Foluso (My Twinie) chasing me from Maryland to the House in Ketu (walai we no enter bus) like a Marathon over the catcher game because I was avoiding his touch.
I was class captain, enjoyed writing on the board, member of conservation club and one of the notorious teacher fighter that made me miss a whole term of biology classes with Mr Ademilokun- never liked him for anything. I remember refusing to mark exam scripts for him and he took it personal (Well I told him it was his job to mark the scripts – abi I lie). I was suspended from attending only his class until after mock exams. Thanks to Brother at Kayus Lab for helping me with extra lessons to catch up even when it wasn’t his core strength.
A day I won’t forget was the day all guys were picked up in class and locked up at the Police station. Mr Egbeyale stopped Ademilokun from taking me with the group on that wonderful day. Pappy further entertained us with the leg over he gave Mr Onabajo. Enjoyed climbing the prototype building from behind and sold out of the louvers at Pako.
Despite all the crazy things, I never joked with my studies. Did well in all exams and class assignment. Most Teachers argue in the staffroom over my performance and conflicting character.

Pal in MCSS ; JSS and SSS; The list is long na, I will need extra sheet but to mention a few; Andrew, Biggy, Epeku, Adisa, Tymer, Solo, Chichi, Tboy, Okoro, Ajose, Wole, Gomez, Minero, Bobby, Sharo, Foluso, Afam, Lawrence, Owoseni, Akinloye, Dada, Salisus, Bisi, Adebanjos ati be be lo. No vex if I no write your name, una too much.

Crush : Ayoola, Ademide, Ogo, Shaki, Tosin, Let me know if you want more OPP. I too like woman, mi o de le gboran.

Memorable moment in MCSS: OPG. I think I will stick to the day I came to check my WAEC result. I entered the school gate and did the sign of the cross. The students on the railings screamed “Haaa, Ko sure fun Akano”. I smiled, walked down to the building, wrote my exam number on the sheet of paper, handed it over to the teacher checking the results and Wala, 7As and 2Cs. Never thought I would pass English after the saga and time wasted that day. I am grateful to Pappy’s mom for paying my damages fee that cleared me to go in for the English Exam despite the time that was wasted. Blood Mom try no be small.
Another one was when I received the award for best Mathematics student in JS3. What gave me joy was the smile on my moms face. May our kids make us happy always. Amen

What we don’t know about you: I broke my neck, hand, toe and punctured my cheek when in school. In short, I lost one cheek dimple.
I attended like 3 lessons after school in the SS namely Kayus Lab, PTA, and Papa’s lesson at Oshogun in Ketu (Cannot remember the name).

What do you do: profession/Hustle; I am an Environment Health and Safety Specialist with Fieldcore, a GE company in charge of Power Projects for Africa and Middle east.

Interest and Hobbies: You all know my love for football, I eat, sleep and drink Football.

Who is your personal Hero/Who Most important person in your life: Iyaniwura, Maami, Iya Woli like My Dad calls Her, My Mum is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5years: Doing my thing as a Health Safety & Environment consultant across the world.

If you could change the world, what would you change; Stop the war or conflict and let genuine love reign. With Love the world will be a better place.

Expectation from the alumni group and advice to the alumni group and advice to lander 99 family; Support one another, Patronize each other’s business, build the trust and bond, high level integrity and be your brothers’ keeper.
The Excos should improve on the welfare of the members. Charity begins at home. Let us work on checking on one another.

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