PoTW: Ogunnaike Kehinde Nee Salisu

My name is Ogunnaike Kehinde Nee Salisu.

Nickname in School Kenny Babe.

Location: Ogba Phase II Housing Estate, Ogba.

Brief Background:
I was born on February 23rd, 1982 to Late Alhaji and Alhaja M. Ola Salisu from Ijebu Ode. I come from a family of nine including my parents. Taiwo and I were the last born of my parents and we are all girls. I was born in Lagos Island (Idumagbo Avenue) to be precise before my parents relocated to Shangisha Magodo. It was challenging to cope in our early days in Shangisha because it was a developing area with little or no social activities compare to the life in Lagos Island that is always bubbling. It was interesting growing up as a child and being the last set of the family, we enjoyed going out with our siblings and playing with children in the neighborhood. We enjoyed playing several games like: Passing round the baskets, “ten-ten”, “Suwe”, hide and seek, who is in the garden, building castle with sand and preparing meal with sand, water, and leaf. My home was a place to be for my extended family and friends because my parents were very accommodating. I am an introvert, always cool, calm, and collected.

Educational Background:
I started my education at Ejide Nursery & Primary School, then to Ikosi Pry. Sch. After my primary education, I proceeded to Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School where I obtained my Senior Secondary School Certificate in 1999. I gained admission to Lagos State University in 2001 to study Management Technology from where I graduated with a B. Tech in Management Technology in 2007

Experience about coming to MCSS:
It was an interesting experience for my twin sister and I at MCSS. We had heard so much about the school in terms of the quality of education, level of discipline, and the school’s performance at external examinations nationwide. When the opportunity presented itself for us to pick from a list of schools to attend for secondary education, my twin sister and I never blinked to choose MCSS. We enjoyed every single day spent in the school and we are still in close contact with some of our friends till date.

Pals in MCSS:
The following were my close pals at MCSS: Bisi and Gbuyi Idowu, Tayo Odubule, Ayoola Oyesanya, Folusho Amusa, late Deborah Adegalu, Funmi Dada, Mary Ojo, Ruth Ogunlade, Kemi Adeyeye, Tope Ogunleye, Bukky Sebiotimo, Taiwo and Kehinde Oshodi, Damilola Awokuse, Adisa Soda, Hassan Adedayo, Wale Kowobari, Kitin Mosope, Bukky Akindele, Jantiro, Tope Kale, Hundeyin Solomon and Gafar. They all made life at MCSS interesting and unforgettable. Some of them are still my friends till today.

Memorable Moments:
I had several memorable moments while at MCSS. One of the moments was my first day in MCSS with my late father, who handed Taiwo and I to Mr. Onabajo and Mrs. Yaya who became our mentors. They were wonderful teachers that helped through our academics. They were there to provide guidance always and helped us to simplify difficult assignments. They were indeed part of our success stories.
Taking a role in the school’s drama group was also an interesting time for me at MCSS. I was so excited because it was my first time acting.
Another amazing moment for me at MCSS was when I was appointed as the labour prefect in SSS3. It was interesting to be identified from several students to take a leadership position. I felt fulfilled and really appreciated the need for hard work.

What people do not know about me:
I am now a Christian. I love God deeply and dearly. I am confident in myself. I believe I can do and achieve anything and everything I lay my hands on. I do not look back until I achieve what I want to do.
I am also a Business Guru. I can market anything and everything lol.

What I do for a living:
I work with Lagos State Government as a Civil Servant. I was recently deployed to Lagos State Sports Trust Fund from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as a Planning/Budget Officer.
I am also an entrepreneur. I am a major distributor for Lonto products. I also trade in children back to school items.

Where I see myself in the next 5 yrs?
I look forward being an Assistant Director with the Lagos State Civil Service and grow my personal business to scale to different parts of Lagos State.

I love listening to music especially gospel music, travelling, partying/hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, and reading books that interest me.

Who is my Personal Hero?
My personal heroes are Jesus Christ, my late parents (may their gentle souls RIP) – being emotional right now 😭😭😭😭 and my formal Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources – Mr Abdul Hameed Mustapha.

Important Person in life:
My one and only husband is the most important person in my life.

If I could change the world:
I would want all human beings to be equal in status, have same color and speak the same language.

Expectation from the Alumni:
Engage the school authority more to ensure the standard of our days is maintained. Also, we should provide necessary support to the school and the teachers as appropriate. We can also put support system in place for student of the less privileged by enrolling them for their SSCE. Alumni can also have Scholarship Scheme for Tertiary Education for Tuition Fees to encourage the student. This can be limited at the initial to the Best Overall Male and Female students from the SSCE. Thanks to the EXCOs for working tirelessly in moving the Alumni forward.

Long Live MCSS Alumni, Long Live MSCC, Long Live Lagos State, Long Live Nigeria.

Forward ever, Backward Never

MCSS 99 set.

Thank u all for reading…….🤗🤗🤗🤗💋💋💋💋

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