See Us too!

You Look at Us but We need You to rather See Us.

You Look at Us…
You are grateful to have Us as your boys but please do not miss to See the need for the preservation of our innocence.

You Look at Us…
You are amused by the shades of Our fascinating energies and perhaps that makes You miss to See all Our more fundamental needs.

You Look at Us…
You instruct Us about all Your cultural expectations of Us but You seldom See Our needs like the one to know that it’s not weakness to let out a tear even while writhing in any manner of pain

You Look at Us….
You See future predators that needs to be tamed by whatever means but You miss to see We too need protecting not just from illiteracy but from mis-education about our essence as males in evolution.

You Look at Us…
You See an almost needless miniature being.

It is not out of envy that We groan of neglect compared to the attention the Girls are getting perhaps that’s why the International day of the Boy Child was just remembered in the month of May of Twenty Eighteen, just three years ago after eons of Our existence!!!

You have carried on like our bodies and minds and hearts needn’t be jealously guarded from monsters out there who end up make monsters out of Us that we never were.

Educate Us deliberately till we blossom to Nobility and Character and Empathy lest we shall become the very monsters you are shielding the girls of the future from.

Win our confidence and we shall tell you of our struggles and all the threats so You can help Us.

We need You to give Us a fair chance to become all We can be.

Catch Us young too!

-Agacheta Stephen Rowland
On the International Day of the Boy Child

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