PoTW: Bede Ogbonna

Name plus Nickname in school Bede Ogbonna (name is pronounced BEAD. I loved the NAME KOLO-mental I used to see on walls of our old classes back then, which gave me ideas to my brand name BIMENTAL… Bimental Communications.

Brief Background I hail from Obowu LGA in Imo state, from a Roman Catholic home. 2nd child of 3kids of my dear parents…i have an elder brother and a younger sister.

Location I was born and brought up in Lagos, attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state. Currently live in Lagos. Hope to relocate.. .. Maybe in the not to distant future.

How I landed in MCSS Iwent to Maryland Convent Private School, then after primary six I found my name in the list for MCSS; I could not make it to boarding houses as my mum did not like the look my elder brother had about 1 month – 3 months after he came back from boarding house. So I found myself in Maryland Comprehensive secondary school….MCSS.

Memorable moments not much, I think I was a quiet person ohh. Well I think I remember how my dad embarrassed me and some of my class mates during one or two of the parents/ visitations … I think I remember Keating or Orabuchi Uzoma… My dad burst out with the exact words… “will you all shut up”…. And everyone went dead silent… Then he gave a speech or warning like that…..felt really embarrassing sha. Not forgetting some home visits by almost half of my class mates from JSS1 to SS3. My dad always scolded them when he meets us home in uniforms in our JSS years. Also Fresh on my mind are still flogs by VP Mr Fash at assembly ground and several flogs by Mr Egbeyale.

What do you do, profession/hustle I am a Biochemist by university education, diverted into information TECHNOLOGY, Now combining with Financial advisory.. Inshort…. Insurance salesman by day; IT Support by night (online) and weekends. I also run online stores, build website, promote and manage people’s social media pages online, digital marketing stuff and online brand positioning too.

My last class was 3k
I can’t really separate the years of JSS and SSS.
I can mention a few that we met along the MCSS journey…. Not limiting them to Kayode Akeredeoluale, Dozie Maurice, Omolara Ogunpehin (I admired her my entire JSS till SS1) then there was Mercy Essien (as I admired her from SS1 till even after we left secondary school in ’99…. Although we dated, she broke my heart severally up to 10 times….all in d past now.)
There was Abhulimen Odije, Orabuchi Uzoma (this guy worry me ohh), Sophia Oyeoka, Onyema Afam, Peter & Paul Agwor, Francis Monye, Robert Udoenor, Eno Anselem, Bose Marayesa, Yemi Opanuga, Osi OsireamheIrotumhe….Raji Adewale (who made my further maths success very possible) … Etc…. God bless u all… Others; I’m sorry if I mistakenly skilled your name.

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME I have never been to Abuja or any state up north of Nigeria. I never even leave Nigeria before sef!

MY PERSONAL HERO My Personal Hero is my Mum and the current women in my life…my sister and wife to be Seyi Ige. I draw inspiration from them always.

Interest and hobbies I’m a tech evangelist, body workouts and exploring new grounds.

Where I see myself in 5years Top level in current career paths and hope to attain a very charitable lifestyle.

If I could change the world, what will I change? Change world power to the grip of Africans…..Nigerians sef….after overhauling our current politicians… Also, Embed or Integrate love in all of us all.. Where there is true love, there will be no need to hurt.

Advice to MCSS family Keep up the unity. Settle all grudges, wrongs or trespasses again each other.
Thanks everyone for the opportunity.

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