PoTW: Oluwaseyi Omorinsola Ige

Name plus Nickname in school Oluwaseyi Omorinsola Ige aka seyige

Brief Background I hail from Ijebu Ife in Ogun State, from a separated home was raised by my father and my step mum, 4th child from father’s side and 2nd from my mum.

How I landed in MCSS i went to Nigerian Navy Pry School and was posted to the secondary school in Ojo Town, but because i didnt want to be in the boarding school i faked being sick and my Dad threatened he will send me to a public school and i said i didn’t mind. So my stepmom’s sister worked my transfer to MCSS.

Memorable moments these moments plenty but the one that i will never forget was taking several falls for Janet, esp the one that led to my father being invited to school, because Janet ran away from home and her sister, Mrs Kushimo came to arrest me. I will never forget that experience as it taught me a big lesson never to cover up for people ever again. Another amazing memory was the stage plays i partook in, being one of the people who composed the school anthem with Miss Olowu and various competitions that we won, in my various clubs and societies. (Action Health, School Choir etc.)
Another amazing memory was being made a prefect after being tagged a bad girl because of Janet, this rekindled my belief in myself that after all some people still believed in me, this story will not be complete without mentioning our hangouts in Soji Banjoko’s house, (one clique) Seun Solomon’s house (another clique), Deborah’s House (another cliques) let me say this unashamedly i never belonged anywhere, i was everywhere. And i was mummy to plenty children i can even remember most of them any more right now.

What do you do, profession/hustle I am Project Manager Expertise in Events amd Interior Design.

My Side Hustle is as a Longrich Stockists and a team leader at Tenacious Billionaires Geng.

I also run an online store hub strictly for Imported Home and Kitchen Essentials

JSS – Udoka Onyekwelu, Yewande Babayemi, Deborah Akhime, Ogechi, Funmi Wilson, Bunmi Bajo, Ademide Adu, Mosope Kitten Bunmi Alimi, Falilat Bolaji

SSS Kemi Olayiwola, Tope Ogunleye, Bukola Adepoju, Lekan Aroyewun, Esiri Joseph, Otupke, Kunle Olayiwola, Seun Solomon, Efe Igbodudu, Jemina Dan Patrick, Tosin Martins

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME I am the only child of my dad and mum, and i got to know my mum in JSS 1.
I love making friends but i suck at keeping friends.

MY PERSONAL HERO My Personal Hero is my StepMom.. Her grace is second to non..

Interest and hobbies I love singing, dancing, having fun and meeting people.

Where I see myself in 5years As a 5 Star Director in Longrich. Would have achieved all of ny dreams and touched millions of lives

Advice to MCSS family Keep the fire of love burning

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