PoTW: Ojo Idowu Kolawole

Name plus Nickname in school : My name is Ojo Idowu Kolawole a.k.a. JANTIRO

Brief Background
State of origin is Ado ekiti while my mother is from Ilesha in Osun state. I am from a polygamous family, my father is blessed with wives and children (OPG). On my mother’s side we are six in number am the 5th child of my mother. I have 2 surviving brothers while 3 are late.

How I landed in MCSS
I attended Tokunbo Alli primary school in ikeja, while I was about going to opebi secondary school my Uncle convinced my parents to allow me attend MCSS and that was how I started the journey in 1991. I was very playful, this resulted in me repeating jss1 after which I try to become serious with my life and education (when you are a repeater you will know the feeling😜) . My dad loved me alot but didn’t have time to check on my academic performance.

Memorable moments
In SSS class I started playing Tete and dice (gambling) with Adeolu, Owolabi, Monday, Adisa, Olayemi, Wale, Eyije, Tymer and some others. I picked some other good habits that I reserve so I don’t choke some people. I remember some of the teachers like Mr Egbayale, Mr Ademilokun, Mr Onabanjo and Mr Oni always calling me to advice me about life. I hosted d best inter class tournament and even invited Opebi secondary school to play with our school. I want to thank those great players of our time that participated like Akano, Selense, Gafar, Shatoke, Tayo Minero, Odiah, Emeka Pappy, Rosko. One thing I can never forget was when V.P promise me that I will not pass out in mcss due to our case in perdro police station. I went to Omo oba’s house to beg one of his aunt’s that just arrived from USA, told her all I did and told her to come along with me to school. She slapped me like 7times while Baba fash was speaking and d rest was history. I write this with tears in my eyes if I could change things I will bring back Adeolu obazuiaye back to preach the gospel to him (I pray his soul continue to rest in peace) and some of our friends that use to steal their friends money back then but let us go on.

What do you do, profession/hustle

Interest and hobbies
The passion now is on helping the needy.

In my jss class, My friends were : DAYO Hassan, Diana, Late Mutiu, Ademola, Late YINKA, Adeolu, LUKMAN, Olukosi and Tunde Olukosi

In the senior secondary school; They are: Gomez, Akano, Adeyemi, TAIWO, MULIKA, Lola Olajide, OWOLABI, Monday Olayemi, Adisa,Emeka, EKENE, Danni Ibrahim and so on

In school, I was very playful, but at home I was the opposite, I was the prayerful and gentle type. These are the characteristics i seldom show out due to my growing up

That is my cousin, now ENGINEER GOKE ADEYEMI, ’95 SET, I emulated him; his character, gentleness, it was what brought out the gentleman and the prayerful spirit in me. I am very fond of him.

That was in 2010, I would call it the strongest year of my life.I met some fetish people in Osogbo, I was there on a transfer at work, I tried becoming like them but I was always pulled back by something, little did I know that it was the Holy Spirit. I was opportuned to stay with one of them named Agbaje and other patients when he was sick in the hospital, within the space of two hours, the patient died, one of the mother of the remaining patient started getting confused, that her son shouldn’t die.
The spirit of the Lord spoke through me to the mother and asked her “Do you believe”, She replied “Yes”and I was told her to get a bottle of water and I prayed for her. The patient drank of the water and within 30 minutes, miracle happened, He was discharged within two hours, at that point was the confirmation to me that I was being called by God.

After that surprising and miraculous event, I sat down and thought about it carefully, The things of these world will always be of this world (Matthew 22:21), I changed my ways and directed my path to God little by little, since that day and Ive never regretted it.

This was the most painful part of my story but I believed God has a purpose for me, I was sacked from my place of work, in 2011 after I worked there for five years, I was about to be awarded a brand new car for being part of the best five employees of the year, three days to the ceremony, I was sacked, with no reason.God has His way of doing things, I was told to start all over again with Him (God), and leave the things of this world.

I would use the scripture, 1 John 4:7-21 mainly Vs 7, LOVE, That’s the most greatest commandment, Of we love God, we would follow His commandment, status, principles, teachings, If we love our neighbor (Matt 22:36-40) We would not harm them or do immoral or sinful things, The world would be in unity is we are in Love, ONE ACCORD

Where I see myself in 5years
In d next five years I wish to be a Counselor to share my experience with younger ones and be good influence to the people around me.

Advice to MCSS family
I want the alumni to continue to support each other as a family, let’s work together regardless of who we are or what we have in love and unity.

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