PoTW: Yetunde Okafor (nee Babarinde)

My name is Yetunde Okafor (nee Babarinde) A.K.A yettybabs.

Born in Lagos,Nigeria into the family of Late Mr & Mrs Babarinde.
I’m Married and blessed with two beautiful girls. I currently reside in Manchester, United Kingdom.
I am the last of 7 kids, i dare not misbehave thanks to my siblings for the extra discipline haha.
I went to Command children school Sabo yaba for the best part of my primary Education,before proceeding to my mum’s school in primary 3. (Busola nursery and primary school Oworonshoki Lagos.
The school was actually named after me ( as per the STAR girl) hahaha.

I am a friendly,down to earth girl and very loyal.
I love smiling and make people around me comfortable. I don’t take shit and could bite if pushed to the wall.(you get what I mean eh!)

After high school, I got admission into the University of Lagos where I got my first degree in Philosophy (B.A).

I wasn’t really excited about coming to MCSS, I was supposed to go to model college kankon in Badagary,but my dad’s illness got worse and my journey to a boarding school was stopped,fast forward I joined MCSS in JSS 2 with the 98 set which wasn’t meant to be thanks to double promotion in primary school when you didn’t deserve it.(clears throat the advantages of being the daughter of the owner of a school). Anywayz life caught up with me in SS1, I fell very ill and missed school for two terms so I had to repeat SS1 (I hated my life then) well guess God wanted me to join my real mates, bet I was too fast forward and God rewinded me back a step..hahaha

Honestly ,that was when my Journey in MCSS began literally!! I loved every bit of my new set. Friendly,interesting and intelligent set of boys and girls. I quickly got acquainted with some of the new transferred students.
I remember after a term Mr Ademilokun told my mum I was gonna be promoted on trial back to the 98 set,I cried I didn’t want to go back(my friends thought I was mad for not wanting to) but to be honest those girls were more mature than I was they were already wearing a size C while I had non then.. hahaha 🙈
Moreover, I had already blended.
Waoh!! This is taking me down memory lane (loving it)
I thrived hard and made new friends and thanks to the support of my family.
I was shy and equally a friendly girl in MCSS.

My Experience in MCSS: I was in science class (SS1L – SS3L) Can I say this was the best science class those days (no shade to K class)..haha
We had a range of different people from the Serious to the unserious, the beatings infront of the classroom, the chanting when people were dared or fought made the class fun!
I was so excited when I was nominated as a prefect,Waoh not like I was one of popular girls but I was super chuffed.
I paid more attention to ironing my uniform and was conscious of my inner wear.haha
I remember the days of prudent tutors in Mende for my after school lessons, the smell of the insecticide could make you puke but we still had tuition in there after school.
I was always looking forward to the yummy street food behind the back gate after school hours. I hope they are still there cos I’d deffo visit when I come home plus Suya spot in mende. Oh dear! I’m salivating now..lol

I was always scared of them “bad boys” and I remembered once one asked me out in SS2  he was Bade’s friend from the year before ,I was so scared and stopped walking alone. Ofcourse I crushed on a few guys but that was all.. hahaha
Can’t ever forget the interhouse sports in Maryland ,why did it always have to end with fights and all? Lol
Honestly! Schooling in maryland  was fun and I had a fantastic experience in high school.(no regrets), I also made life long friendships which I adore till date.

Pals in MCSS: Omolade Oyinloye, Esther Williams,Ogechi Ekeh,Rotimi ogunwale, Soji West, Helen Ehijene,Ademide Adu,Elizabeth Utsu . Can’t remember everyone.

What we don’t know about you: I’m a very honest and kind person.

What do you do profession/Hustle:
I’m currently switching career from Teaching to IT , I’m in the process of bagging a degree in Cyber security at the Manchester  Metropolitan University.

Interests/Hobbies: I love travelling,cooking,keeping fit and wine tasting.

Who is your personal Hero/important person in your life:
God first!
My human hero will be my mother, I can confidently say her prayers has kept me. Thank you mum!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5years: I see myself making waves and succeeding in my profession as a Senior Cyber Security Analyst.

If I could change the world, I would Eradicate liars, thieves and bullies and make the world a better and safe place to live in.

My expectation from the Alumni group: Love, Encourage, support one another and communicate more.

Advice:  Respect each other, and don’t ever look down on anyone. Peace!!!

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