PoTW: Nwankwo Kingsley Anthony Emeka

Name: Nwankwo Kingsley Anthony Emeka

NICKNAME: Paparazi,Papas,worldbest,Emekson,007, Xcape,Gbabe.

LOCATION: Lagos Nigeria

BRIEF BACKGROUND :I am from Uturu Okigwe Isikwuato L.G.A Abia state , I was born in Benin city ( Old General Hospital GRA) due to a ghastly accident on Ore Road,while my parents were going to the east,and my mum was nursing injuries with my Dad and elder Brother,while I was due to come to the world on the 8th of October in the early 80’s…Mr Late Father’s Name is Mr Augustine Ifeanyinchukwu Nwankwo..we were 6 children,5 Boys and 1 girl who is the last.I am the 2nd child.I was born into a Catholic house and did my infant Baptism at the Chapel in Maryland convent ….( Presently Reverend sisters quarters)….!I attended St leos kindagaten school before coming back to Maryland convent which I started from nursery 2 since I was too smart for nursery 1…lol, my mum said before I was interviewed I started naming all the alphabets on the board in the staff room…while in convent I loved soccer so it made me not receive the first Holy communion in primary 3 because the cathetism classes was at break time which I won’t love to miss soccer for it….lol,my Dad had to come to school to beat hell out of me so I joined the next set and did first Holy communion and Confirmation with some of my friends here like Bobby Echex and few others….I also attended Maryland comprehensive secondary school …(MCSS) and attended University of Nigeria Enugu Campus where I studied Surveying and Geoinformatics …

SELF DESCRIPTION: I am who God says I am, very stubborn, Discipline and caring person…I am a straight forward person and can be annoying sometimes….I am a hardworking person and love to interact with the best people who can make me achieve my Goals…

EXPERIENCE ABOUT COMING TO MCSS: Coming to MCSS was strange because I actually wanted to attend those big secondary schools which were boarding house and I refused to go check if my name was either in Immaculate which I liked their uniform then or MCSS…My mum was actually scared to release me to a boarding house after knowing the kindly of child she has ( 1 week 1 trouble ) lol…..so she kept telling me dont worry u will still go to boarding house after all these 419 stops ….1993 was the year 419 started officially and many parents were swindled….Then my God mother in Baptism was a teacher in comprehensive so she assisted my mum and my name was actually on the list of students from convent ….entering the school I saw many faces who were from convent and some from Ketu where I resided then, the pitch was not too attractive when I saw it not knowing it was for Handball…I was given a Class JSS 1B where I had men like Akano,Bobby,Minero and so many known faces but there was no more uniform so I was still wearing my primary school uniform for few days and playing football like no man business.i was discovered by some senior students and they added me to the inter House sport team which I displayed and my name went viral as junior student …..Then Senior Fedelis was one of the best midfielders who picked me so I was in purple house then….I guess second term the Militias were introduced and I joined with likes of Bobby and few jss 1 students, I had love for fine things so I was always going to greet one senior then who actually was my school mother ( Mona ) she was one of the prettiest and all those seniors male students didnt like me cos I was always with her so no time to talk with her lol…she cared for me and I was with her on the camp day all tru the night,when I fell asleep I was on her laps and she made sure all mosquitoes didn’t go free….good old days..that was when I met few seniors like Jackson Ukuevo and Senior Osimen( Student commandant), Senior Solomon( who later went to the seminarian and had a black belt in Taquado…I was a very close friend to the commandant and when ever he comes to flog the whole class,I will just stand up with few colleagues and salute Morning sir…the whole class would be flogged lol…when his leaving I remember Bobby and I would shout permission to sit down he would shout back permission granted lol….His name was commandant Isa and he was known as ( Too Bad)…One story i wouldn’t like to forget was the inter House sport day where most other schools came to run and it turns out to be a fight….but on these day the soldiers and Militia students were fully on ground to give the invaders a good beating of their life…its was a rainy day if u can remember and that the day I knew 1 naira kobo was a big weapon when the Igbobi boys started using it from afar, U T cutlass and axe…From these day I knew I was going to be a solid person after following the soldiers to catch people even with Jazz ( Bante) …after the event I went to eat at Chile cos I was always stealing from my Dad’s Bag when ever he goes to bathroom….when I was caught that was when I turned to a customer to my Egbayale who beats me like a criminal and gives me bushes to cut for weeks, I was always a culprits then as at JSS class, always missing the bus that takes me home so most times I treck to Alapere and it gave me more fitness as a footballer,why going home I followed the likes of Etoma Akpan through under the bridge at Ojota,we pass the popular Odo Iya alaro and that was where I started to learn swimming…we were always chased home after a long session in the river….Then I discovered that some of these boys would cross and sell text books to make money lol….I stopped touching my Dads money and made sure I didn’t spare some friends who loose guard their Arabic and intensive English, Infact it was now an occupation lol, God forgive me oooo lol 😆, we had to even strike the library at sometimes after school hours, so many bad things were committed sha, there was a day I forgot my bag in the class in jss 1 so I wanted to go pick it up and the next thing some Senior students stood like guards of the marine and told me to go back so I was sceptical about that move so I went round entered tru the last class and entered the roof after 6 classes u get to 1B and discovered that there was a female student naked and a guy banging her seriously with serious noise 😀 I actually know the Senior and was in that roof fr over 1hr till dey left, I knew that Baba Alfonso and Erumu ( Baba Cele ) would soon come and lock all the class so I was fast about it all …mad memories, this is the last one I want to say,…..As at Ss1 I started smoking Marijuana properly after Lekan Shodenide took me along as at early 6:45 am after my mum’s staff bus dropped me at the bridge…it was a movie day cos I resumed school at 12am after eating like a thief and sleeping at the Eba joint lol, now I had a routine every morning now,before when I come to school I was always going to Bobby’s House to iron my clothes and eat another breakfast lol…Bobby can waste time for Africa and use to be called principal cos he comes to school by 9am….He was actually one of my best friends along side Akano Temitope we all left convent same class….Then in SS class we had different Gangs so if u never smoked u would be looked like a novice and could stand in some hot spots in the school…we had a place called Angola where we cool off when we dont like a particular teacher teaching or if we wanted to smoke and drink, this place was behind the toilet near the staff rooms in JSS class…behind it was mende hotel, we had holes where we call About to pass cigarette and sweets,polish shoes and etc…On this faithful day after given my WAEC Number 026,I was so non challant about many things in school mean while I attended lessons and go to revise with Akano who was super intelligent with one of the best hand writing both on the blackboard and note boards…I hail ooo lol, so I already opened my ear by Churchill and tore both legs of my trousers, when ever am on the assembly ground u know I am around cos we tap necks,ears and shot rubber bands with sand alongside Minero very wicked boy and black lol…when ever principal says all SS3 knee down I must mix with the junior classes and was never caught….

PALS IN MCSS…Bobby,Akano,Tymer,Shatoke,Andrew Okene,Diane Osakwe,Chinelo Oyeka,Adekemi Adeyeye, Dada fumilayo,Ruth Oguntade,Stanley Okoro,Shebiotimo,Udoka,Kemi Abraham,Nike,Kayuat,Ifeoma Anibuali,Oyemechi,Oalyemi,Obazuaye,Nelson,Olubo meji meji,Adisa,Gomez,Uddin Emmanuel,Yemi Bashua,Tosin Martins,Kemi and Kunle Olayiwola …Omo them plenty ooo,Raji and co… infact the whole set was my friend ….if I no mention ur name pardon me pls.


One day our Year Tutor Biology teacher Mr Ademilokun came to track us while rolling dice with some stubborn students like Eyige,Adisa,Nna, Monday,Olayemi,Biola Fash and co..so I was about to pour the Dice when a stroke met the middle of my back so i went to the floor and immediately that anger I stood up and held the man’s shirt and everyone started shouting my name Emeka Emeka lol….I was high on some weed so I felt I was doing the right thing and this was Mock day for English, so some students separated us and he told me I would see,I just strolled away cos I had seen it all since JSS 1 till SS3 nothing was new I know say I don die sha lol….2 hrs later the whole school was silent and we all took our papers until I started hearing names of bad boys been called from class to class and mean while we had a fight with some other school that came I to our school,lead by Adisa the great fighter then and some of us who had liver and Shola very short strong guy, so not knowing that police has come to pick all bad boys to Pedro Station…I kept calm and was writing my papers mean while the class I was inside was formerly SS 3k and its one door so no escaping but I knew today I don die or else na escape get me…the next thing that happened was Egbeyale( the greatest obstacle according to Tymer 2 Turbo),Ademiloku and the VP Fash himself came into my class and shouted 026 Nwankwo Kingsley Emeka …I pretended I didnt hear Omo na so cane land my desk and I heard follow me now to the staff room, which I told him sir pls dont hold me let us go, he looked at my moral and felt like OK….let’s go in his loud and wicked voice…The other two teachers went the other way to get others on the list so I walked very calm as we got to the stairs I walked faster than him with my Exam papers with me next thing was Mr Oni on the Gate of the staff room locked and this was the prototype building ooo….laughed and said Hmm Emeka good u are here and Egbeyale was walking down like a Boss that caught actor lol, I just looked inside the staff room and the first 10 faces I saw I knew we were all dead so I just jumped straight from the first floor down it was like a movie…they all looked astounded while I approached the Gate Mrs Nnwezie was shouting Baba John lock the gate immediately I tilted my direction towards the main field and behind me was a fast teacher coming behind me ( omishope) Omo I remembered our catcher catcher skills and I used the pillars to deceive his movement turned him like twice and moved ahead….I was very fit then so I knew it was a training section for me I kept running and he kept pursuing me and was getting closer so I used the windvane round about close to the field to turn him twice round where I gave him more yards so I proceeded with the exit gate and one other teacher stood in my front and the school was on fire shouts everywhere so I kept that energy and Onabajo shout stop there I gave him leg walk and he went wrong direction and he fell Inside the black spot on the field which made me follow the back fence that leads to our Angola joint which was already sold to St Agnes parish for farming…approaching the high fence we already made three holes on the wall so u must be fit to get ur foots on them one by one and hold the tip and jump over so u don’t waste time…so I did and the teacher went back …..I ducked inside the cassava plantation then and all I was hearing was ( Emu omo ye ni….ahh ahh Omo ye sa re gan 🤣🤣 lol then entering the Bush was another comedy immediately I entered Amaechi was in there and was no more our student but was in Ajao and he pulled his uniform smoking in there and almost asleep I just shouted Hey…he took off and I laughed 🤣 so he asked me what happened why I was sweating I told him all smoked with him and took off after 10mins cos the whole school knew I was there and I never knew police were coming for those apprehended lol….to cut the stories short …I came in after school hours when they had already carried everyone and came for my folder…Opeyemi and Tunji gave me names simultaneously 007 and escape….that was where I got those two nick names….see e stories plenty ooo, after 1month I was collecting money from mumsy and Dad but I didn’t go to school until my parents later heard and took me by dem selves …the principal showed my Dad the fence I jumped how high it was and till then they couldn’t belive what happened on that faithful day…I was flogged on the assembly ground by Mr Gbayigi and also did my maths English and Physics Mock Exams in the principal’ office where all the teachers came to sign the register and all gave bad remarks about me but trust me I had been ready for the exams so it was a success….I calmed down until waec day and I was told to come with my parents everyday if I wanted to seat for my Waec….which my mum working in a Bank on the lsland was doing until the day they found out I was calm and they told her not to come but on that day I fought  with someone I think Daisy on Mathematics day which was a bad day…so those police that came to arrest that day were around so.i was handcuffed with the Guy …we did frog jump and had to cooperate cos the more I did faster than him the more the handcuff was tight on my hand ….No be small thing I experience….lol

WHAT WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU…I am very close to God…

I am the PA media to the Executive Director Lagos International Tradefair Management complex, I am also a Trader and businessman…I sell Drinks like Martel,Jameson,Absolute,Vodka etc and also deal in male and female clothing..

INTEREST AND HOBBIES: Fighting Oppression,soccer,music,Cooking and Travelling,Laughing,Fighting lol


WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS: Staying in Home I call mine,Building a stronger relationship with God…Having my own wife and children ..Living the life I choose for myself…

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE: Change our leaders mindset in Nigeria first and also the mindset of the white man that African are not slaves ….Make sure Africa is a peaceful place

EXPECTATIONS FROM ALUMNI GROUP :  love, tolerance and encouragement,Good networking amongst each other,big cooperative business that would yield income for all as a group, Respect for everyone …

ADVICE TO LANDERS 99 FAMILY: Pay your dues and be punctual….Dont be an observer always participate and let ur voice be heard …

Thank You all…..

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