PoTW: Ogechi Onyechere Nee Ekeh

Name: Ogechi Onyechere nee Ekeh


LOCATION: Lagos Nigeria

BRIEF BACKGROUND : I hail from Owerri, Imo state. I was born in Rome, Italy in the early 80’s into d family of Engr Kelvin Ononogbo Ekeh, My parents have four children (three girls and a boy). I am the second child . I attended ABC Nurseryland ( we were pioneers of the school), the proprietress then was Late Dr Abiodun Laja ,founder of Lekki British School), I attended Primrose School Gbagada Estate for my primary, the latter part of my primary school was at St Agnes Primary School Maryland and then I completed secondary school at Maryland Comprehensive secondary school. I studied Food Science and Technology at the Federal University of Technology Akure.

SELF DESCRIPTION: I am God’s perfect creation . I am a daring person, goal oriented , I have a passion for helping the less privileged children . I love having intelligent discussions with people. I am principled , caring, very loyal to my friends and I love laughing.

EXPERIENCE ABOUT COMING TO MCSS: Due to my parents busy work schedule, I became independent minded at a tender age, My cousin followed me on the first day of my admission process and the next day, I continued the process until I eventually gained admission into JSS1E.

YOU IN MCSS: My first day in JSS 1E was interesting, we had different personalities all in one class, the intelligent ,the bullies, the “know it all”(results proved them wrong hahaha), Fighters, Reserved, playful (I fell in that category). I loved playing “ten ten” , form a big circle and every other game back then, football was not left out as I was very tomboyish ,We had a friendly match with JSS 1B girls. There was a time we were told to knit table cloth as Fine Art assignment, I didn’t know how to knit but I tried learning fast from some girls and I was able to submit without been flogged. I later went to JSS2D and JSS 3H ( that was my first encounter with Mr Egbeyale’s flogging) , we were supposed to have a class but since our teacher was not available, some students were reading, some put their heads on the table but I and my friends decided to play games in class and yes! we were very noisy while at it , oblivious to the man standing quietly at the edge of the door lol.

While we were enjoying the games , someone sighted him and whispered his name, at that moment , I froze for few seconds lol while others scurried back to their seats but it was too late, he had taken note of our faces(quite surprising). The flogging was unbearable, I felt like it pierced into my fragile bones, I didn’t know whether to cry or be angry because it was too much, I mean we were just young and free lol and that was how I promised myself never to be whooped again so I became a “serious student”that was when the journey to self discovery began.

As a young girl, I would fantasized about working in the hospital caring for children, I also had a strong passion for music,arts& entertainment, like saying multiple talents but music had not evolved back then to become a “worthy”profession so to speak, it was believed to be for rascals and drop outs. Even while at Primrose ,I was the leader of cultural dance group,and in St Agnes, I represented the school for an Environmental programme where I spoke on ways to maintain a clean environment (appearing on NTA NEWS at 7pm was huge for me can’t forget that pleasant memory). Back to my MCSS story lol, I later opted for sciences, my sweet friends, Maryjane , Yewande ,Udoka, Damilola, decided otherwise, they went to Arts and Commercial class. It was a difficult decision given the strong bond we had formed.

I initially found physics difficult, so my parents got a private tutor for me, I also had friends like Rowland , Taiwo, Kayode that taught me sometimes during break time. I challenged myself to work hard if I needed to succeed and by God’s grace, I passed my WAEC exams .

JSS : Maryjane , Yewande, Udoka , Jemina,Agnes, Chika and Seyi (school mummy).

SSS: Marian , Helen , Kemi , Yetunde , Chinenye, Ogochukwu, Ejiro, Rowland , Taiwo, Henry, Dotun , John, Jude Eze, Udoka, Maryjane, Yewande, Bunmi, Bunmi .

MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN MCSS: I would start with the unpleasant one
Some students tried to bully me for being really slim but I fought back with my mouth, you couldn’t “yab” me and go free lol. In Jss3, I had an altercation with Chinenye as she kept calling me names like “mosquito, bonga fish” ,when I couldn’t take it again, I left my seat, went to hers and punched her non stop until her glasses fell off , everyone started hailing me Ogeh!!! Ogeh!!!

Thankfully, it was closing hours so we escaped been punished (I didn’t know how my parents would have reacted if they had found out).
So I promised not to fight ever again no matter the provocation. We later on became friends .

Some boys were not left out in the name calling so I told them Kelechi (Bobby) was my cousin and would deal with them so they backed off!!, ( Truth is we weren’t related ,our parents were close,so we were like family friends lol )

The pleasant memories were uncountable but let me mention a few.
I had wonderful friends, we played, laughed, ate together, visited eachother while in school.
In JS, I and Maryjane were very close, she always had my back anytime. while from SS1-3L Marian ,my sweet friend and sister was my seat mate, laughing partner, we joked about everything. Since we loved to laugh, it was not difficult bonding with the funny guys in class like Ejiro, Henry,Taiwo,Segun.
We had the energetic Tunji, no dull moments, Yetunde my cool friend and other students that skipped classes lol

Helen and Kemi made me street smart , I knew places in Lagos (Yaba,Ogba,Ikeja etc), no slacking was our motto because of that exposure, I was able to travel on my own to Port Harcourt seeking for admission into the university(no GSM, just my Aunt’s address).

In all, I enjoyed my stay in MCSS.

WHAT WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU : I composed a song at age 15 with solfas (different voice parts). I speak a bit of French and Italian.

WHAT DO YOU DO, PROFESSION/HUSTLE: I’m a voice coach, classical and contemporary singer, songwriter. I also plan birthday parties for children and do some other businesses at the side .

I’m a member of S-DELI Save the Deaf and Endangered Language Initiative an NGO that advocates for the rights of deaf people in Nigeria.

INTEREST AND HOBBIES : listening to good music, watching (News, documentaries, movies, wrestling, football) singing,dancing and also meeting interesting people.


WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS: Building a stronger relationship with God, being a shinning light to the world.
Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven. Matt 5:16 KJV

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE: Be a strong voice and change the negative perception the world has about Africa.
Be the Bridge connecting the hearing and hearing impaired .

EXPECTATIONS FROM ALUMNI GROUP : Mutual respect, love, tolerance and encouragement.

ADVICE TO LANDERS 99 FAMILY: life is like an echo, what you give would be returned back. Choose to be good and live a legacy.

Thank you

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