PoTW: Marian Ifeyinwa Nwalozie Nee Momah

NAME: Marian Ifeyinwa Nwalozie Nee Momah

NICKNAME: Sprinkle (also known as Sandra’s twin)

LOCATION: Lagos Nigeria

BRIEF BACKGROUND : I hail from Delta state Ibusa, I was born into d family of late chief John Nwachukwu Momah, I am my parents and siblings favourite child and that’s because I happen to be the last born child out of 8 children (4boys, 4girls). I attended 5rh avenue nursery & primary school festac town, Festac Grammer school, Maryland Comprehensive secondary school, A’ level school (ESC Ibadan) , Delta state university where I studied Biochemistry

SELF DISCRIPTION: The Lord has made me a city set on the hill and can never be hidden… I am a God fearing Christian, I am an enchanting, warm and friendly person, down to earth kind of being that when you get close enough to know me you never Wana let go (my close buddies can testify to that) .. I am a woman of integrity and a very compassionate person.

EXPERIENCE ABOUT COMING TO MCSS: My mum and eldest sis initially wanted my Immediate elder sis and I to switch to a boarding school in Delta state (Santa Maria) all bcos d school as at then was very good and really hyped, I cried and never wanted to be a boader, I moved to my 2nd
mums house (eldest sis) and i ended up in MCSS of which I wasn’t initially pleased with, because I wanted to be in Immaculate with my neighbour, and I had a preference in their uniform… All things working out for my good, I have no regrets because the people I met, the choice of friends I made helped shapen my life, and lifelong friendships acquired 💖💖.. Life in MCSS I must say was beautiful, though was full of undulations as well, most especially at the initial stage in JSS2.

YOU IN MCSS: I was a very gentle, quiet and shy person.. My ist acquaintance was Chinenye Okechukwu, we came In Same day bt were fixed in diff classes, friends like Jemina and Sandra also came in same wk or thereabt, I just felt Chinenye was like a giant beside me😁 we didn’t really av much in common bt she was cool to me.. she was in Sandra and Jemina’s class 2H and I in 2G.. I wld always go to their class every break time and that was how my frienship/twinship with Sandra started. we had a lot In Common and that made it easy to connect .. I also had a classmate like Adaora Ugwu dat wld always eat my food every morning cause I hated breakfast bt wld always come with food lol(she was sometimes my eating motivator lol) . I was nicknamed crying baby in Jss and I so much hated dat name, d angrier I got at d mention of crying baby, d more it was used.. I had to advice myself to pretend and feel less perturbed so as not to take d name along to SSS and it worked lol… Coming out 9th position as a new student out of 70 or 90 something pupils then was a big deal to me, I immediately told myself I was going to be in the sciences
I enjoyed d attention I got from some students especially Emmanuel Uddin in Jss when I was made to always copy notes on d chalkboard for d class, he wld come to ask me a million times what did u write even though my hand writing was as clear as a picture😁… I chose introtech and French while Sandra chose Introtech and Music so as to enable us be in the same class and boom we became sit mates, discovered we had similar handwriting and that was how we became mischievous and wld exchange scripts without d fear of being caught..

JSS : Sandra Nwuzi, Chinenye Okechukwu, Adora Ugwu, Efe Igbodudu, Jemina Dan-patrick,Tope Ogunleye,, Tope Kale, Agnes Eke, Bridget Obazele

SSS: Sandra, Ogechi Eke, Helen Ehijene, Kemi Abraham, Efe, Jemina , Evbe (Osayamo), Diana Akpan,
Jerry Agbontaen, Maurice Chidozie, Rotimi Ogunwale, Segun Ogunlana, Ejiro Igbodudu, Raji, Dotun, Rowland, Oshodi, Duruzor, Kayode, Seun Solomon

MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN MCSS:. I missed out on so many fun moments due to my reserved and shy nature, but I also had lots of amazing moments. As a member of literary and debating society, there was this snacks meaty(sausage), it was always shared to us after every rehearsals bt mostly expired ones that we don’t even get to eat because we wld always see cottonwool like substance in d middle of the sausage 🤮.Debating club helped me alot as a shy person that I was to build my self confidence and It was always like a different me during rehearsals. I remember Taiwo Ajose and Jerry representing the school and the Topic then was “Intercollegiate Sports breeds violence, rather than promote peace and unity” we opposed the motion, they did excellently well but we lost.

I was in chess club thanks to Jerry Agbontaen who forced me to join in chemistry lab and took it upon himself to teach me.. He thought me during break time in Physics lab, Oge learnt same day with me and I remember kemi Abraham and Helen peeping at us and laughing hard, after that period my friends didn’t let me rest, the teasing became mad… I remember the very ist time I defeated Jerry in chess. I felt really proud of myself, and he was also very proud of me.. I won several other guys on that particular day and subsequent days.. I remember crushing on Jerry and the feeling was so sweet (if u laugh I’ll punch u😆) we wld wait every closing time to gist and then play chess together before going home( I never told him how I felt though and I’m not sure he noticed den, or maybe he did🤐) I remember many babes tripping for him because he was too handsome and u needed to have seen the way girls adjust whenever Jerry passed then, and the funny part was that we both knew but would pretend like we didn’t notice and then we wld later talk and laugh about it… The funny part of this whole crushing, I had told myself “no boyfriend till after secondary school’ and it was something Sandra and I had agreed on so I was enjoying d whole feeling I was catching..

I remember Rotimi Ogunwale always tormenting my land-line after school hours, we would gist for hours and d quiet May automatically became a flibbertigibbet😁 yea! Rotimi thought me that word. I later attended Scientific Information (computer School) and I’m a computer literate thanks to him

Segun Ogunlana always buying things for the ladies and some even took advantage of his niceness because he was generous to a fault… My ist chess board was courtesy him. I also remember the delicious and expensive chewing gum he would always share to everyone around him

Henry Duruzor’s Contagious laughter🤣🤣. Ooo Lord! It was a great panacea to the soul

There were the guys that sat behind us in class( Ejiro, Duruzor, Oshodi, Kayode) always tapping us (Oge, Kemi, Helen and I) left, right and Centre. It was soo funny and crazy then and funny Ejiro would always mimick and laugh at my tiny voice🤣 actually alot of pple did laugh at my tiny voice

I remember performing as Miss English in the school hall, my dance performance made the whole hall to give me a standing ovation, I was wowed, I felt really cool that day, didn’t believe it was still the shy me anymore

There were times we went to seun Solomons house whenever Tope writes and sends money to us from US… me, Sandra, Raji and the rest of the crew, (we were about 8) at that age, I felt she just had a heart of gold

I enjoyed writing WAEC and switching scripts with Sandra, I was no 212 (and dat was my ist jamb score lol) and she was no 214 I guess . The handwriting was so identical cause we wld sometimes confuse our notes, infact even WAEC cldnt tell the difference 😂

WHAT WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU : Have got a retentive memory and I’m very good at cramming, I could cram pages and yes! I remember all those CRK bible verses we were made to memories in J.SS3 lol😁
Another thing you don’t know about me is that I can partially write with my left all because I sat with someone who I never knew was left handed bt write with her right in JSS and that person was Sandra

WHAT DO YOU DO, PROFESSION/HUSTLE: I am a full time business woman, I’m the CEO of Honeybeesprinkle Jewelries, dealers of all kinds of beading material and makers of beads (coral beads, Swarovski stones, pearls etc)
I aslo deal with d embellishment of asoke,and ankara, autogele making, and handfan making (bridals) etc

INTEREST AND HOBBIES : watching movies Fiction, Romance, comedy bt most esp horror
Travelling, meeting new people and making new friends, sleeping and reading

PERSONAL HERO/MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE….. My mum is my personal hero, her prayers got me this far and she’s a real definition of a virteous woman👌… My family is the most important to me, God bless my family and friends 😘

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS: I see myself becoming a philanthropist, helping the less privileged and destitutes, I see myself touching and changing lives by the special grace of God 🙏🙏

IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE: I wld change the hearts of people cause we live in a wicked and desperate world.

EXPECTATIONS FROM ALUMNI GROUP : Let’s learn to accommodate, respect and love one another

ADVICE TO LANDERS 99 FAMILY: Let’s keep the love flowing and the spirit of oneness alive, let’s strive to make a difference..i love you all fam💖, God bless you all, kiss kiss nmua😘

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