State Of The Nation Series: GRATITUDE

It’s an amazing day to witness the last Monday and the last day in the month of November. From me and the entire team of Inspiring Monday With Emmanuel Shatoke we raise the banner of our Gratitude to God.

Gratitude is a show of appreciation to an individual who have been of assistance or help to you. Gratitude is to be thankful for the things you merit and do not merit that you received.

A man that does not show gratitude is an ingrate. Such fellow will always misuse opportunities and favour. Show gratitude to someone who you have benefited from over the years today.

I reserved this words to the last but it’s the most important. “A man that does not show Gratitude to God can’t appreciate the value of his or her existence”. Show gratitude to God to and you will receive unmerited favour, grace and greatness.

I look forward to your feedbacks.

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  1. Gratitude is the best thing to do in appreciation to the Almighty God. Show your gratitude to God

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