2018-2020 Excos Handover Notes

The President and Incoming Executives,

The Board of Trustee (BOT),

The General Assembly (GA),

It is with great honor and pleasure that we give stewardship of our tenure in office of this association. We are privileged to have served as the pioneer executives of MCSS 99 SET Alumni. It was a period to learn and re- learn as well as serve and lead this great Alumni. In the journey of this service, we embarked on several activities and projects. Notably among them are -:

➢ The visit to the Modupe Cole Home.

➢ The visit to the Heritage Homes.

➢ The visit to the Cane village Slum at Mende

➢ 2018 MCSS 99 SET Alumni Reunion Party.

➢ The free medical hepatitis B test during 2018 reunion.

➢ Contribution to GLAA for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the school- GLAA website

➢ The Novelty football match with 2000 set in memory of Mrs. Thomas.

➢ Several Celebrations of our members (Naming, Wedding ceremony, Burial of members etc.)

➢ 20th Anniversary of MCSS 99 SET which was used to honor over 20 teachers.

➢ The handover of the Laboratory equipment to our Alma Mater during the 20th Anniversary

➢ Palliative distribution among members during the COVID-19 pandemic

I would hasten to add that our administration while building the foundation prepared and the delivered the following: –

➢ CAC registration of the association

➢ The Alumni Account Opening

➢ Constitution into law

Noteworthy to mention, we are currently about to complete the tax registration as required by law with Lagos state Government. We trust the incoming executives will complete the process without any hitches. I am particularly proud of our efforts with regards revenue generation for the association in form of due payments of the members. Today, I am happy to announce that we are in good financial standing.

Further details of the account breakdown will be provided by the Treasurer to the incoming excos as well as all the outstanding payments such as the webhosting and outstanding welfare payment to members who will joyfully celebrate the addition to her family. On behalf of the team, I am officially handing over to the next executives the baton of leadership to sail the alumni in the path of greatness. The materials are outlined below:

1. CAC document

2. Alumni Seal

3. Signed Constitution of the Association

4. Association Letterhead paper

5. Association Account and the Cheque Book for transactional purpose

6. MCSS 99 SET ALUMNI Website project

We need not enumerate the numerous challenges we encountered while in office and some of which we say we humbly some and some we are handing over to your administration. Our foremost concern is the unity and increasing the level of participation in alumni activities. The writings are indeed on the wall. Once again, thank you for all your inestimable support throughout the tenure. We will hand over everything in our custody to the incoming executives and continue to provide the required support to help them deliver their campaign promises. No doubt, everyone would attest that we have served meritoriously to the best of our abilities and we have our names written in Gold in the almanac of this association. We are equally more than confident that the incoming excos will surpass our achievements and feats. We wish them the very best and we say to them –

Keep the flag flying!!!

Olusanmi Adeyeye Adekemi

For: Formidable Pioneer Executives

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